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6 stage scribble hand drawn Funnel
from deck Infographics Funnel Diagram Pipeline Charts (PPT shapes)


Slide Content

The depicted PowerPoint slide represents a "Scribble Funnel" with 6 distinct levels. Each level is labeled from "Project 1" at the top to "Level 6" at the bottom, and is paired with a placeholder for text, suggesting a step or stage in a process. This visual metaphor can be used to illustrate a project's workflow, sales pipeline, or organizational structure, where "Project 1" could denote the initial concept or entry point, and "Level 6" could indicate the final outcome or goal.

Graphical Look

  • A large, central funnel graphic with a hand-drawn, scribbled style
  • Six horizontal sections within the funnel, decreasing in size from top to bottom, each filled with a different shade of yellow-orange, except the topmost section which is filled with teal
  • Text labels on each funnel section in bold font, ranging from "Project 1" at the top to "Level 6" at the bottom
  • Light gray lines extending from each section of the funnel to the right, leading to text boxes with placeholder text
  • Text boxes have a darker gray border and light gray fill
  • A clean, white background that contributes to the visual clarity of the funnel

The overall look of the slide is playful and casual, owing to the hand-drawn style of the funnel. It uses a simple color palette centered around shades of yellow-orange for clarity and focus on the information hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • To depict stages in a sales process or customer journey during a business presentation
  • As a visual tool for outlining project management steps or phases in a project update meeting
  • To illustrate levels of organizational hierarchy or decision-making flow in an internal company briefing
  • For educational purposes to explain concepts of sequencing, such as in a marketing funnel or product development process

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