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Enhance the appearance

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide, titled "Enhance the appearance," offers tips on improving the visual appeal of graphics within presentations. It compares two methods to give graphics the look of an object lying or standing on a surface. The left side suggests adding a soft shadow or reflection for a subtler effect. A soft shadow beneath an object gives the illusion of depth, making it appear grounded. Similarly, a reflection can suggest a glossy surface underneath the object. On the right, it recommends using a shadow and a horizontal gradient behind the object for a more pronounced standing effect. The shadow creates an illusion of the object being elevated, while the gradient serves as a visual anchor, enhancing the perception of depth.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is divided into two halves, with each side visually presenting a smartphone to illustrate the enhancement techniques.
  • Each half has a smartphone image with a distinct shadow and background effect to represent the different enhancement styles.
  • The left side shows a phone with a subtle reflection and a soft shadow at the bottom, simulating a gentle resting position on a surface.
  • The right side displays a phone with a more pronounced rectangle shadow and a horizontal gradient background, indicating a stronger presence on a surface.
  • Text boxes are placed on the top of each half, explaining the corresponding enhancement technique.
  • The slide uses a clean, modern font for the text, maintaining readability and professional aesthetics.
  • The background of the slide is white, which creates a high contrast for the visual elements and text.

The slide maintains a minimalist and professional design, using a balanced distribution of text and imagery. The graphics are sharp and high-quality, serving as clear examples of the described enhancement techniques.

Use Cases

  • Presenting design principles in a training or educational session about graphic design or visual communication.
  • Demonstrating before-and-after scenarios in a marketing presentation where visual branding elements are enhanced for impact.
  • Instructing team members on improving internal presentation materials with advanced PowerPoint techniques to maintain company visual standards.
  • A workshop or webinar on user interface design, where visual depth and realism add to the user experience.

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