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Scales comparison diagram for five elements
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Scales Comparison Diagram – 5 Elements

Slide Content

The slide entitled "Scales Comparison Diagram – 5 Elements" depicts a balance scale comparison diagram which is used to represent a comparison or balance of ideas, concepts, or topics. Each side of the scale has placeholders for three elements, indicated by rectangular shapes with text "Write text here...". These placeholders suggest that the presenter can add their own content, explaining that each side can consist of various components that should be weighed against each other.

Graphical Look

  • The central graphic is a simple depiction of a balance scale with a stand and two arms.
  • Each arm of the balance scale supports three light blue rectangular shapes with rounded corners, meant to contain text.
  • The rectangles on the left arm are stacked vertically and aligned with the left edge, and the same applies to the right arm's rectangles.
  • A drop icon in the middle of the scale serves as a pivot point, hinting at equilibrium or measurement.
  • The balance scale graphic is composed of thin dark lines, giving a light and clean appearance.
  • All text placeholders are indicated with a light blue outline and contain the light grey text "Write text here..." to signify where the user can customize the slide with their own content.

The slide has a modern and professional style, predominantly using blue tones on a white background. The design is minimalistic, enhancing readability and focus on the content areas.

Use Cases

  • Comparing pros and cons of a business decision, with bullet points explaining each side of the argument.
  • Weighing different investment options, where each element represents a potential benefit or risk.
  • Presenting contrasting strategies in a business plan to evaluate their potential outcomes.
  • Demonstrating the balance of resource allocation between two departments or projects.

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