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Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison of 'Key Products Sales' across three categories: Home Line, Pro Line, and Business Line. Each category displays a price point, number of deals, and a profit amount. The Home Line boasts $80 price point, 50k deals, and $4.0M in profits. The Pro Line has a $150 price point, 35k deals, and $5.3M in profits. The Business Line highlights a $300 price point, 10k deals, and $4.5M in profits. This format insightfully compares sales performance metrics across different product lines.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a gradient blue.
  • There are three large white rectangles that serve as the background for each product category's data.
  • The title "KEY PRODUCTS SALES" is in white, uppercase font, centered at the top of the slide.
  • Each product category (Home Line, Pro Line, Business Line) is represented within its own rectangle.
  • The product category names are in capitalized bold text, set against a colored tab that matches the respective bar graph below.
  • Each rectangle contains a large price point in a bold, yellow-orange font.
  • Beneath the price points are bar graphs with two bars: one taller blue bar and one shorter orange bar representing deals and profit respectively.
  • The actual number of deals and amount of profit are indicated in smaller text beneath each bar graph.
  • The bottom of the slide is anchored by a strong, orange horizontal line.

The slide is visually balanced, with a strong color contrast that makes the information stand out. The design is clean and modern, with a focus on clear data representation for quick comprehension.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sales performance data during a quarterly business review or annual report to stakeholders.
  • Comparing product performance in a sales strategy meeting to determine where to focus efforts.
  • Visualizing data for a marketing presentation to showcase the success of different product segments.
  • Using in a pitch to potential investors, highlighting the most profitable product lines.

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