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Roundtable Presentation Structure Outlined Agenda: 6 Sections with Topic Details
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)

Roundtable Presentation Structure Outlined Agenda

Slide Content

The slide is a template for a "Roundtable Presentation Structure Outlined Agenda" consisting of 6 sections with topic details. The first section is labeled "Roundtable Opening," suggesting points about the purpose of the roundtable, with sub-points including meeting reasons, desired outcomes, and assumptions like time, involvement, and resources. Subsequent sections 2 through 5 are placeholders for other topics, with prompts to add text and items. The final section, "Closing Section," prompts the presenter to address next steps and resource reservation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a slight gradient at the top, enhancing readability.
  • Six numbered sections are represented as capsules, each with a unique color.
  • Each section has a title area, which suggests adding a header, followed by a text area below with bullet points.
  • Arrows between sections provide a visual flow from one topic to the next.
  • The color palette includes blue, green, yellow, and red tones, with the first and last sections emphasized by darker shades.
  • The text is black, providing a high contrast against the colored backgrounds.
  • Due to no visible footer on the provided image, the footer details are omitted.

The overall look of the slide is clean and organized, utilizing vibrant colors to differentiate between sections. The design is intuitive, guiding the presenter through the agenda with clearly delineated areas for topic content and progression.

Use Cases

  • To structure an agenda for a roundtable meeting, guiding participants through each planned topic.
  • For educational workshops that involve group discussion, providing a clear outline of the session's flow.
  • In corporate presentations where a team's input is needed on a series of topics or projects.
  • During conference sessions that involve multi-speaker participation, offering a template for the agenda and discussion areas.

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