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Rounded arrows button with call to action
from deck Call to Action Buttons (PPT graphics)

Rounded Arrows Buttons

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Rounded Arrows Buttons" displays a collection of button designs that are used for various call-to-action prompts. Each button features stylized arrows with rounded edges, suggesting a modern and user-friendly interface element. The displayed buttons are labeled with action-inducing texts such as "Call To Action," "Call & Order Today," and "Your Call to Action text here," which represent prompts for user engagement. These graphical elements are customizable, as suggested by the note "Fully editable," indicating that the texts, icons, and colors can be adapted to fit a specific brand.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a clean and uncluttered backdrop.
  • Four arrow-shaped buttons of varying design and color are displayed.
  • The first button is a green, two-sided arrow with a prominent rectangular area containing the text "Call To Action" in black font, highlighted by a thin green border line.
  • The second button has a two-arrow design in blue, with one arrow overlaying the other; to its right is a text box with blue borders indicating "Order here."
  • The third button is a single yellow arrow, to the right of which there is a text box with the same orange-yellow color scheme and "Order here" displayed.
  • The fourth button is green with an icon of a telephone receiver, and the shape resembles a speech bubble, suggesting communication. It contains the text "Call & Order Today."
  • A fifth button features a blue thumb icon, reminiscent of a "like" symbol, with an elongated shape for additional text that suggests interaction.

The overall look of the slide is vibrant and modern, with an emphasis on functionality and customization options for various call-to-action scenarios.

Use Cases

  • To highlight actionable steps in marketing presentations encouraging viewers to take specific actions.
  • In web design layouts to showcase button styles that can be used on websites or digital platforms for user interaction.
  • As part of user interface (UI) design mockups to present different button options that can facilitate website or app navigation.
  • During branding strategy sessions, to visualize the different interactive elements that align with the company’s visual identity for digital marketing collateral.

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