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Rose Diagram Slide for PowerPoint

A rose diagram is a type of circular chart that uses radial lines to represent data. It is typically used to visualize cyclical data such as monthly weather patterns or annual sales figures but it can also be utilized for different kinds of data. The data can be plotted on the chart with numbers or degrees. In this case, the 1 to 7 levels represent the start and end of the data level. Each point on the chart is also marked with a line that can be used to indicate the size of the data point relative to the other points in the cycle. The rose diagram can be a very useful visualization tool for cyclical data and can be used for comparing different categories.

What Does This Rose Diagram Slide Include?

  • Rose diagram with blue, green, orange, azure, and purple fillings for categorization.
  • Tables to input your text and category descriptions.
  • Level indicators from 1 to 7.

This Consumer Demographics Fan Diagram slide is a part of our Radial Fan Chart PowerPoint Template.

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