Technical Problem Root Cause Chart
from deck Cause & Effect Fishbone Diagrams (PPT graphics)

Technical Problem Root Cause Chart slide content

Present your technical problem's root cause with a fishbone diagram for better visualization. Explain the most important problems along with their causes. - Material – specified hardness too high, chemistry out of specification, hardness out of specification - Method – wrong drill bit - Measurement – calipers not capable - Environment – too hot, loud, or insufficient lighting - Machine – wrong speed, wrong speed rate, insufficient coolant - Employee – inexperienced, or untrained We have added representative icons next to each of the elements for an immediate understanding of the topic. All the graphics are editable, so you can customize the presentation as you find suitable, while keeping the quality of the shapes. Video editing instructions are included in the how-to edit section. Click on the picture to see more fishbone diagram slide ideas.

Technical Problem Root Cause Chart slide infographics

Fishbone Vector, Text Box, Flat Style Outline Icons, Measuring Tape Icon, Gear Icon, Staff Icon, Environment Icon, Output Icon

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