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Flat roman pillars chart with 3 columns
from deck Pillar Diagrams and Column Infographics (PPT Graphics)

Flat Roman Pillars with 3 Columns

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Flat Roman Pillars with 3 Columns". It depicts a stylized structure reminiscent of classical architecture, using three pillars to represent different categories or topics. Each pillar has space for text, which is meant for customized descriptions. The pillars are color-coded—blue, orange, and green—suggesting a method of distinguishing between the sections or themes. Below the pillars is a placeholder for a longer description or elaboration on the topics. The slide is commonly used to categorize information in a visually appealing way.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a neutral, light grey color.
  • A large, bold title in black is aligned to the left side at the top.
  • Three vertical, flat-design pillars are centered on the slide and are equally spaced.
  • Each pillar has a different color: blue, orange, and green, from left to right.
  • Placeholder text boxes in matching colors with the pillars are superimposed, inviting users to add their text.
  • Above the pillars, a grey rooftop-shaped element contains a placeholder for additional title text.
  • At the base of the pillars, a long, white, horizontal text box spans the width of the pillars for supplementary descriptions.

The overall look is clean and modern, utilizing a flat design style with monochromatic icons and placeholders. The color scheme is simple but effective for differentiating sections, and the classical pillar motif adds a sense of stability and structure.

Use Cases

  • To present company values or pillars of a business strategy.
  • For comparing and contrasting three different products, services, or options.
  • In educational presentations to outline three key topics or themes of a lesson.
  • As a marketing tool to highlight the main features or benefits of an offering.

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