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Roadmap curved arrow for six milestone objectives
from deck Outline Diagrams - Ultimate Deck for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)

Roadmap Curved Arrow - 6 Milestone Objectives

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Roadmap Curved Arrow - 6 Milestone Objectives," presents a visual representation of a project timeline or strategic plan with six distinct milestones. Each milestone is marked by a number encircled and connected by a winding arrow showcasing progression. Accompanying each milestone is a space to write details about it. For example, "Milestone 1" might represent the project's initiation, with subsequent milestones indicating key events or achievements.

Graphical Look

  • A bold title at the top in dark blue font.
  • A large, curved, sky blue arrow navigates from left to right across the slide.
  • Six circular shapes with numbers 1 to 6 inside, distributed along the arrow, each signifying a milestone.
  • Adjacent to each circular shape is a rectangular text box for additional information.
  • Distinct icons next to some milestones: a gear for milestone 2, a presentation board for milestone 4, and a globe for milestone 5.
  • The arrow and milestones are highlighted with different colors to denote progression and distinction.
  • The overall design is clean, with a white background enhancing focus on colorful elements.

The slide has a very modern and professional appearance. The use of vibrant colors and simple icons helps to convey the information clearly and keeps the attention focused on the timeline.

Use Cases

  • To visually outline the phases of a project with anticipated completion dates at a kickoff meeting.
  • For progress updates during team meetings, to track current status and upcoming milestones.
  • To present a product development timeline to stakeholders, including key research and launch dates.
  • As a high-level summary of a strategic plan in business proposals or investor presentations to illustrate planned growth and key objectives.

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