Risk factors diagram for six items with icons
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Risk Factors Diagram – 6 Elements with Icons

Slide Content:

This slide is designed to assess or present risk factors, categorized by six elements, each with its own icon. The icons likely represent different levels or types of risks, ranging from critical (red 'X') to warning (yellow '!') to safe (green checkmark). The layout allows for each risk to be described in detail, facilitating a comprehensive view of potential issues within a project or strategy.

Graphical Look:

  • Six horizontal grey bars for text across the slide.
  • Each bar is paired with a colored icon box: red, yellow, or green. I- cons within the boxes: a red 'X', a yellow exclamation mark, and a green checkmark, indicating levels of risk.
  • Colored vertical bars on the left side of each text bar, correspond with the color of the icon next to it.
  • A dark, semi-transparent overlay background with a barely visible underlying image.
  • The overall color scheme is muted with pops of color from the icons.

The slide has a professional and somber aesthetic suitable for serious topics. The colored icons stand out against the dark background, drawing attention to the level of risk each element represents.

Use Cases:

Such a slide could be used in business presentations related to project management, risk assessment, compliance training, or strategic planning, where it's important to outline potential risks and their severity.

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