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Example of creative call to action buttons with icons 
from deck Call to Action Buttons (PPT graphics)

Creative Buttons

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Creative Buttons" and presents a collection of six button designs. These buttons are not standard flat icons; instead, they boast distinctive watercolor textures and varied shapes, suggesting a more creative and engaging approach to user interface elements. Each button features a call to action phrase, such as "Your Call to Action here" or "Sale today," which exemplifies the intent to prompt an immediate response from the viewer. The array includes a "Fully editable" tag, indicating that text, icons, and colors can be adapted to fit a specific brand.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title, "Creative Buttons," is prominently displayed at the top in a large, bold font.
  • There are six graphical button icons arranged in two rows; they are multi-sided with different border styles and employ watercolor textures to provide an artistic, handcrafted feel.
  • Each button contains text; four buttons have placeholder text "Your Call to Action here," while two others say "Sale today."
  • One of the six buttons includes a thumbs-up icon, which is typically associated with approval or agreement.
  • Color palette varies across the buttons, featuring shades of blue, purple, green, orange, and teal.
  • The 'Fully editable' note at the right-hand side suggests the customization feature of these graphics.
  • A two-toned decorative arrow points to the 'Fully editable' text, drawing attention to this feature.

The overall slide aesthetic is vibrant and colorful, with a creative and informal feel. The varying shapes and textures emphasize the individuality and customizability of the buttons.

Use Cases

  • To showcase customizable button designs in a web design or graphic design presentation.
  • To illustrate different call-to-action options in marketing strategy meetings.
  • For use in template slide decks offered to clients who require adaptable web elements.
  • To present visual options for interactive elements in user interface/user experience design discussions.

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