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Labels - with filling

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Labels - with filling" appears to showcase a collection of label designs, likely aimed at demonstrating various styles of filled labels that could be used in presentations. These labels can be employed to call attention to specific pieces of information, to categorize concepts, or as placeholders for textual content that needs to stand out. Each label seems to provide a different option for presentation designers to highlight text boxes effectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain and light-colored, providing a neutral canvas for the label graphics.
  • There are five label shapes illustrated, each with a different design but sharing a consistent hand-drawn, sketch-like quality.
  • All labels have a fill color that appears to be a light blue or turquoise, contributing to their prominence on the slide.
  • The first label at the top left has inward-facing notches, creating a banner-like effect.
  • The second label at the top right has a rectangular shape with folding corners, suggesting depth.
  • The label in the middle is the widest, resembling a stretched rectangle with a solid fill and clean edges.
  • The fourth label has an outline that mimics a ribbon with its ends pointing outwards.
  • The fifth label at the bottom has a 3D banner appearance, with a perspective that creates an illusion of it popping out from the slide.

The overall look is clean and minimalistic, with an emphasis on the labels themselves. The hand-drawn style of the labels adds a casual, creative touch to the slide.

Use Cases

  • To highlight key points or statistics in a business presentation, making them stand out visually.
  • For labeling parts of a diagram or process flow to make each step distinct and clear to the audience.
  • As decorative elements in marketing materials within a presentation to break up text-heavy slides and add visual interest.
  • In creative brainstorming sessions where ideas need to be categorized or emphasized on a slide for a lively discussion.

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