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Retail product category distribution channels monobrand novelties slide
from deck Retail Update Presentation Review Template (PPT icons and tables)

Main Brands / Products / Channels / Stores Overview

Slide Content

This slide provides a visual overview of different metrics for main brands, products, channels, or stores. It contains four distinct sections, each with a colored circle icon, a unique image representing different aspects of business, a large percentage figure, and a placeholder for additional text. The first icon appears to represent a tag, suggesting brand identification or sales, showing 55% with a placeholder for text explanation. The second with a box icon possibly stands for products, displaying 70% and a sample text placeholder. The third features a funnel, indicating sales or marketing channels, associated with 40% and a place for descriptive text. The last icon represents a store, implying physical retail locations or store performance metrics, with 60% and a sample text space.

Graphical Look

  • Four colored circle icons with white symbols
  • A teal circle with a price tag icon
  • An orange circle with a box icon
  • A purple circle with a funnel icon
  • A green circle with a store facade icon
  • Four percentage figures beneath each icon in large, bold font
  • Horizontal lines extending from the base of each icon to separate text sections
  • Placeholder text under each percentage, signifying customization for specific data
  • Icons and text are aligned horizontally and distributed evenly across the slide

The slide is clean and minimalistic, using bold colors and simple graphics to convey information quickly. The visual hierarchy is clear, directing focus to the icons and percentages followed by supporting text.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a company‚Äôs key performance indicators (KPIs) during a business review
  • Highlighting sales distribution across different brands or products in a marketing presentation
  • Comparing the performance of various distribution channels in a strategy meeting
  • Showcasing store performance metrics in a retail management or investor relations update

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