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Retail Main Activities calendar flat timeline
from deck Retail Update Presentation Review Template (PPT icons and tables)

Main Activities in Q1 2016

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Main Activities in Q1 2016" and presents a timeline of events or campaigns for January, February, and March of 2016. Each month is denoted by a circular icon with the month's abbreviation and year, above a colored banner representing the activity. January has "Event XYZ" with additional details prompting for text. February lists "Campaign XYZ," while March shows a placeholder for text.

Graphical Look

  • A horizontal turquoise timeline arrow runs across the slide, indicating a progression of time from left to right.
  • There are three circular milestone markers placed on the timeline – each has a different color (purple for January, green for February, and orange for March) and contains the respective month's abbreviation and year ('16) in white font.
  • Underneath each milestone marker, there is a shaped text box in the same color as the timeline. These boxes contain sample text with bullet points, suggestive of detailed descriptions for each activity or event.
  • Connecting the text boxes and the circular milestone markers are small, darker lines with circular dots at both ends, implying a relationship or linkage between the dates and the described activities.
  • Above the timeline at each end, there are directional arrows suggesting the continuation of the timeline beyond the current slide.
  • The central portion of the slide contains a curved, double-ended arrow under the timeline with a label "Sample text."
  • The background is white which gives the slide a clean and minimalistic feel.

The slide is visually balanced, with a central timeline that is easily navigable by the viewer. The use of icons, color-coding for each month, and connected text boxes creates a cohesive and informative display.

Use Cases

  • To present a company's quarterly plan or review in a business meeting, detailing key campaigns or projects.
  • For progress reports, showing accomplishments or milestones reached in each month of the quarter.
  • In marketing presentations, to outline the launch timeline of different marketing initiatives and their respective outcomes.
  • During project management updates, visualizing project phases, deliverables, or deadlines within a specific quarter.

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