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Goals Benchmark Checklist - 5 items
from deck Retail Update Presentation Review Template (PPT icons and tables)

Goals Benchmark Checklist – 5 items

Slide Content

This slide is designed as a checklist to evaluate the progress or completion of goals against four benchmarks. Each benchmark is represented with a color-coded tab—Benchmark 01 (blue), Benchmark 02 (green), Benchmark 03 (light green), and Benchmark 04 (orange). Below each benchmark header, there is a column for checks and crosses, indicating whether goals corresponding to the rows on the left have been met (checkmark) or not (cross), or require attention (exclamation mark).

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and minimalistic canvas for the content.
  • There's a large title at the top of the slide in dark blue lettering.
  • A navigation icon is present in a grey circle to the left of the slide’s title, symbolizing goal direction or location.
  • Four color-coded tabs labeled "Benchmark 01" through "Benchmark 04" are aligned horizontally at the top right, each in a different color for differentiation.
  • Below, there are five rows labeled "Write your goal here," which are placeholders for specific goal descriptions.
  • Each goal row has four corresponding columns under the benchmarks, containing either a checkmark, cross, or exclamation mark icon to reflect the status of the goal.
  • The icons (checkmark, cross, exclamation mark) are stylistically simplified and come in colors matching their respective column headers.
  • The slide employs a grid layout to clearly organize each element.

The overall look of the slide is professional and organized, using icons and color-coding to quickly convey the status of various goals. The design facilitates easy interpretation of progress against set benchmarks.

Use Cases

  • Tracking project milestones and deliverables during team meetings or presentations.
  • Reporting progress in a visually engaging way during client briefings or stakeholder updates.
  • Conducting performance reviews where individual or team goals need to be assessed.
  • Strategic planning sessions where mapping out future goal achievement and alignment with benchmarks are discussed.

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