Results Analysis Diagram With 6 Roots
from deck Cause & Effect Fishbone Diagrams (PPT graphics)

Results Analysis Diagram slide content

Results analysis presentation with 6 roots and fishbone diagram illustration. These roots are material, method, machine, manpower, measurement, and ecology. We have left enough space for you to write a short description for each of these roots. The representative icons make the topic clear immediately, and will grab your audience’s attention. All the shapes are vectors, so you can edit them without losing any quality. Video editing instructions can be found in the How to Edit section if you don’t have PPT skills. You can download the presentation in other software, such as Google Slides and Keynote. Click on the picture to see the whole presentation.

Results Analysis Diagram slide infographics

Fishbone Diagram, Color Coding, Flat Outline Icon Vectors, 3D Box Icon, Method Icon, Gear Icon, People Icon, Measuring Tape Icon, Ecology Icon

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