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Responsible and Sustainable
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

Responsible and Sustainable

Slide Content

The slide presents a concept of sustainability and mindful consumption with the quote "Buy less, choose well, make it last." credited to Vivienne Westwood. Each component carries a significant meaning: "Buy less" suggests a reduction in consumerism, "choose well" implies selecting products that are ethical and of high quality, and "make it last" encourages a longer usage of items to reduce waste. The slide advocates for a shift towards sustainable practices in the corporate world.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is split into two sections, with the left side featuring a solid dark turquoise color and the right side showing a photographic image of plant life.
  • There is a substantial white round shape overlapping both background sections slightly to the right of center, housing a green outlined icon of a hand holding a sprout.
  • The text is white and predominantly occupies the left section of the slide, presented in a bold, clean sans-serif font.
  • The title is in a larger font size than the quote, which is centrally aligned and attributed to Vivienne Westwood in a smaller italicized font.

The slide has a minimalistic and clean aesthetic with strong visual contrast between the text, the iconographic element, and the photographic background. The green elements symbolize sustainability, which is fitting given the slide's theme.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility strategies during company meetings or conferences.
  • Serving as an introduction slide for a workshop on ethical consumerism and long-term sustainability in product design and usage.
  • Motivating employees or stakeholders by sharing inspirational quotes related to environmental conservation as part of corporate culture initiatives.
  • Supporting marketing presentations for eco-friendly or sustainable products, showcasing the brand's commitment to responsible consumption.

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