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Business Contingency Plan Template - Respond Phase
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

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This contingency plan template shows the response phase in the post-pandemic recovery process. This can be an overall cost reduction, access to external finance sources to insure better liquidity, stock management by disposing of slow-moving inventory, enabling remote working within the organization, securing contracts with key clients, and maximizing the volume of products and services in demand. We have left several bullet points under each phase, so you can adapt the text according to your needs or line of work. This business contingency plan presentation is perfect for managers who want to ensure that the work is running smoothly, and to respond accordingly to every further challenge. Click on the slide to see the whole deck for more presentation ideas.

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Flat Outline Icons, Bullet Points, Editable Text, Smart Cost Reduction Icon, Piggy Bank Icon, 3D Box Icon, People Icon, Staff Icon, Partnership Handshake Icon, Gear Icon, Manufacturing Icon, Stick Figure Human Icon, Set Icon

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