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Resources Energy Agriculture icons light flat ppt clipart
from deck Industry icons: Resources, Energy, Agriculture sectors (flat PPT clipart)

Resources, energy & agriculture: Icon index for light background

Slide Content

The slide presents an assortment of circular icons arranged in two rows, each associated with specific concepts within the spheres of resources, energy, and agriculture. The top row features icons indicating: Mining / Hard coal, Quarry / Limestone, Petroleum / Crude oil / Pumpjacks, Castle / Fuel, Natural gas / Pipelines, Power engineering / Power station, Renewable energy, and Nuclear energy. These icons each represent significant industry sectors, such as fossil fuel extraction (mining and petroleum), fuel types (castle fuel), energy distribution (natural gas), and various means of energy production (power engineering, renewables, and nuclear). The second row mimics the top row's layout and labels for context consistency.

Graphical Look

  • The slide‚Äôs background is a soft blue gradient that transitions to white in the center.
  • There are 16 circular icons, with 8 on each row, evenly distributed.
  • Each icon is within a dark blue circular shape and visually represents the concept it is associated with.
  • The icons are white and vary from images of mining equipment to energy-related items like wind turbines and nuclear symbols.
  • The font used for the text labels is white and is placed outside of the icons.
  • The text labels are concise, directly beneath each icon.
  • The icons and labels in the bottom row are a lighter shade, giving the appearance of being disabled or secondary in importance.
  • There's a subtle arc or bridge-like shape at the bottom, colored in a gradient that fades to white.

The slide is clean and well-organized, with a professional look. The use of color contrast and positioning of icons indicates a clear hierarchy and readability.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an overview of sectors within a company that deals with resources, energy or agriculture.
  • Introducing different topics or modules in a training seminar on energy and agricultural industries.
  • Assisting in the visualization of industry categories in investor briefings where a diversified portfolio is being discussed.
  • Using as a navigation tool in interactive presentations, where each icon could hyperlink to detailed slides on the respective topic.

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