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Pointy rectangles list showed with icons and bullet points
from deck Infographics Template - Pointed Rectangle Lists (flat PPT Diagrams)

Pointy Rectangles List - 3 items, with icons

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "Pointy Rectangles List - 3 items, with icons" and appears to be a template for listing information that corresponds to three topics, each associated with an icon. The first item includes a building icon, which could represent infrastructure or architecture. The second item has an icon depicting what seems to be a network or a grid, suggesting a topic related to digital technology or systems analysis. The third item presents a dollar sign, which typically symbolizes finance or economic-related information.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a solid, light blue color.
  • There are three dark blue, pointy rectangular shapes, each containing a white icon and a placeholder for a headline and additional text.
  • The first pointy rectangle contains an icon resembling a classical building with columns, indicating a theme of government, banking, or institutional topics.
  • The second pointy rectangle features an icon with a grid-like structure, hinting at a concept related to logistics, networks, or infrastructure.
  • The third pointy rectangle includes a dollar sign icon, symbolizing monetary, financial, or economic data.
  • Each pointy rectangle has an extra lighter blue shape extending to the right, providing an area for text or explanations corresponding to the icon.

The slide overall has a clean and professional look, using contrasting blues and whitespace to highlight different sections. Icons are simple and easily recognizable, reinforcing the textual content.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a business plan or proposal with key pillars such as infrastructure, technology, and finance.
  • Summarizing the services or departments within an organization, with significant aspects like building management, IT systems, and budget.
  • Outlining the agenda or topics for a conference or seminar, with distinct sessions dedicated to architecture, networking, and monetary policies.
  • Communicating company strategy or project steps where different icons represent the scope of operations, technological framework, and financial planning .

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