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Recruitment Selection Stages - Recruitment Process Template
from deck Recruitment, Selection, Hiring HR Processes (PPT Template)

Slide contents:

The Recruitment Selection Stages diagram shows a company's hiring process. This ribbon flowchart PPT template consists of 10 steps of the recruitment process. The first step is the job description which is a brief explanation of the job. Next is the job posting which is where the job is posted: the company website, job portal, social media, internal website, newspaper, and radio. The third step is the referral which consists of internal and external referrals. The fourth step is the candidate's application which consists of a CV or Resume, motivation letter, video CV, pre-screening, and questions. If the applicants met the qualification, they are chosen in the first selection. The fifth stage is the second selection which includes: the interview process, presentation of candidates, tests and questionnaires, case studies, assessment center, and input of the direct manager. The sixth stage is the screening, where the qualified candidates are closely chosen. The seventh stage is the job offer. The following stage is the offer acceptance by the candidate, The ninth stage is the intention letter. The last stage is when the new employee is officially hired. You can use the recruitment and selection process if you are a hiring manager or recruiter who wants to hire new employees for the company. You can download this template on Google Slides and Keynote.

Slide Infographic Description:

Dark Background, Ribbon Flow Chart, Colorful Ribbons, Clipboard Icon, Notes Icon, Description Icon, Webpage Icon, Referral Icon, CV Icon, Resume Icon, Funnel Icon, Filtering Icon, Interview Icon, Test Icon, Question Mark Bubbles Icon, Person Under Magnifier Icon, Screening Icon, Plus Signs Icon, Palm Icon, Handshake Icon, Agreement Icon, Envelope Icon, Letter Icon, Person Icon, Check Mark Icon, Hire Icon

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