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from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

Receiving feedback

Slide Content

The slide presents guidelines on how to effectively receive feedback, emphasizing the perception of feedback as a positive gesture, akin to a gift. It lists several key points to consider, such as "relax," which implies staying calm and open-minded; "listen carefully," which suggests giving full attention to the feedback given; "ask questions to clarify," which encourages understanding the feedback thoroughly; "acknowledge, encourage feedback," which is about showing appreciation and openness to the feedback; "acknowledge valid points," which involves recognizing the constructive aspects of the feedback; "don’t defend your actions," which advises against immediate justifications for one's actions; "take your time to sort out what you heard," which recommends reflecting on the feedback received; and "decide upon change, or not," which is about making an informed decision whether to act on the feedback. The slide closes with a strong reminder to always "Remember to say THANK YOU!" for the feedback given.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background color is white, providing a neutral canvas for the content.
  • A title is positioned at the top in large, bold, black font reading "Receiving feedback."
  • To the left, there’s a circular shape with a teal fill, inside which is an iconographic figure of a person with a lightning bolt symbolizing impact or reception.
  • Next to the circle is a teal-colored rectangular shape extending to the right with the phrase "Receive feedback as a gift" in white text, underlined with an orange line, highlighting it as a key concept.
  • A bulleted list of actionable items is present, each bullet point having a small gray circle.
  • To the right, there is a standalone rectangular shape with rounded corners, filled with a blue color, containing the text "Remember to say THANK YOU!" in white, drawing attention to the importance of gratitude.

The slide uses a simple and clear design with a hint of color to draw attention to specific areas. The icons are minimalistic, and the use of geometric shapes with contrasting colors helps to segregate different sections and emphasize key points.

Use Cases

  • In training sessions for customer service professionals to reinforce the importance of appreciating customer feedback.
  • During performance review meetings to guide employees on how to constructively receive feedback from their managers.
  • As part of a workshop for personal development, focusing on communication and interpersonal skills.
  • In management presentations aimed at cultivating a corporate culture that values constructive criticism and continuous improvement.

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