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Real Estate Sale Presentation Complex Urbanization Dossier Template
from deck Real Estate Property Presentation (PPT Template)

Complex / Urbanization

Slide Content

The slide is divided into two sections, each describing a different amenity of a resort complex. On the left, the "Open Bar" section explains that the resort's open-air bar offers an environment perfect for enjoying a beverage under the sun, with a vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and an experience elevated by a selection of sophisticated cocktails. The key attractions of the open bar include a 24-hour cocktail service ("24h Cocktail bar"), quality decor ("Elegant furnishings"), and a scenic ocean view ("Amazing sea view"), indicating an exclusive experience ("Guest admission only"). On the right, the "Swimming Pool" section describes the resort's master pool as a sanctuary to unwind in style, surrounded by crystal-clear water, lush greenery, and tropical ambiance. The pool's features are described as a 20-meter long swimming area ("20m long swimming pool"), relaxation under the sun ("Sunbath area"), stylish decor ("Elegant furnishings"), and private access ("Guests admission only").

Graphical Look

  • Two large rectangular content blocks, each with a header, a paragraph of text, and a list of four features with icons.
  • Each block has a top-left icon relating to their specific topics: a cocktail glass for the Open Bar and a diamond for the Swimming Pool.
  • The content blocks have a large, high-quality image illustrating the respective amenities: the open bar overlooking the sea and the swimming pool lined with palm trees.
  • Each feature in the list is accompanied by its own icon: a clock, a sofa, an eye, and a person for Open Bar; a swimmer, a sun, a sofa, and a person for Swimming Pool.
  • The rectangles are set against a pale blue background, and the slide header is placed in a darker blue banner with an icon of a building, that presumably symbolizes the topic of Complex / Urbanization.
  • The icons are styled with a gradient golden color, and the feature texts are underlined, enhancing their importance.

The overall look of the slide exudes a professional yet inviting aesthetic, with a balanced mix of text and imagery. The use of icons adds an element of visual interest that aligns with the sophisticated and premium feel of the resort amenities being described.

Use Cases

  • Showcasing the features and benefits of resort amenities during a travel or tourism industry presentation.
  • Marketing a luxury resort or hotel complex to potential investors or partners.
  • Providing an overview of services for guest orientation in hotel lobbies or welcome materials.
  • Enhancing a real estate development presentation aimed at selling high-end residential units with shared amenities.

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