RACI table showed with tasks and roles icons
from deck Responsibility Assignment RACI Matrix (PPT Template)

RACI Table with Tasks and Roles Icons

Slide Content:

The slide features a RACI table that aligns tasks with corresponding roles using the RACI framework, where 'A' stands for Accountable, 'R' for Responsible, 'C' for Consulted, and 'I' for Informed. Each task row across the table has one or more roles assigned, indicated by the lettered icons. This visual tool is used to delegate and communicate roles and responsibilities in a project or process, ensuring everyone knows their specific duties.

Graphical Look:

  • A grid table with the column headers labeled "Write role" above empty placeholder text.
  • Rows labeled "Task 1" through "Task 5" with various 'A', 'R', 'C', and 'I' icons placed in the grid cells. An orange ellipse highlighting "Task 2."
  • Icons at the bottom representing each RACI role, encircled with corresponding colors: a handshake for Responsible (R), a gavel for Accountable (A), two figures for Consulted (C), and a notepad for Informed (I).
  • The slide background is white, and the table has a checkerboard pattern of light and darker gray.
  • The slide is structured and organized, using a straightforward table format with color-coded icons to designate roles, making it easy to scan and understand the distribution of responsibilities.

Use Cases:

Such a slide would be valuable in business presentations for project management, team meetings, and training sessions to define and assign roles and responsibilities among team members. It can be used to provide a clear, visual representation of who is responsible for what in a project's execution.

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