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from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

Feedback is ... a gift

Slide Content

The slide emphasizes the value of feedback, presenting it as a gift to be cherished. The message "Take it as one." suggests that feedback should be received graciously. "It means that someone cares." indicates that feedback is an expression of concern or interest from the giver. "Only YOU can decide what to do with it." empowers the receiver to make the best use of the feedback, underscoring the personal responsibility in responding to and implementing feedback.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a pale yellow sticky note-like shape as its main visual element, centered on a white background.
  • The title "Feedback is ... a gift" is prominently displayed at the top of the sticky note in bold, dark text.
  • There are three text blocks beneath the title, each conveying a part of the overall message in a smaller font size and less bold than the title.
  • A graphical icon of a gift box with an orange and yellow pattern and a blue bow is aligned to the right side of the sticky note.
  • The sticky note has a soft shadow around it, giving it a slight 3D effect and making it stand out from the white background.

The overall visual aesthetic of the slide is simple and clean, with a focus on the central message. The sticky note design implies a personal and informal approach, while the gift icon is a visual metaphor reinforcing the title's message.

Use Cases

  • In team meetings, to encourage a positive culture around giving and receiving feedback.
  • During performance review presentations, to frame feedback as a developmental opportunity rather than criticism.
  • In leadership seminars, to underline the importance of feedback in personal and professional growth.
  • At the start of feedback sessions, to set a constructive tone and mindset among participants.

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