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from deck Feedback Training Visuals Toolbox

What is feedback?

Slide Content

The slide provides a definition of feedback, breaking it down into a more complex and a simpler explanation. The complex definition describes feedback as a verbal or nonverbal process where an individual communicates the psychological, physical, or practical effects of another's behavior to that person, explaining that feedback can be an exchange of information regarding the impact of one's actions. The simpler definition distills it to a description given of the personal impact experienced from certain behavior by another person, suggesting a more subjective and individual interpretation of feedback.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • The title "What is feedback?" is presented at the top in bold, dark blue font.
  • Two illustrations of paper graphics are used: one resembling a lined notepad sheet and another resembling a yellow sticky note.
  • The notepad graphic has a piece of text that looks hand-written, which serves as the complex definition of feedback.
  • The sticky note graphic contains the simpler definition of feedback in a similar hand-written font style.
  • An icon of a speech bubble is incorporated near the notepad, suggesting communication.
  • Two small humanoid figures sketched on the sticky note depict one giving feedback to the other.
  • The overall color scheme involves shades of blue, orange, and yellow.

The visual composition of the slide is neat and leans towards an informal, sketch-like appearance. The utilization of notepad and sticky note graphics adds a personal and conversational feel to the presentation of definitions.

Use Cases

  • Clarifying the concept of feedback in training sessions focused on communication skills.
  • Introducing a discussion about giving and receiving feedback in a team meeting.
  • As part of human resources presentations explaining the feedback process during performance reviews.
  • In educational settings to teach students about peer feedback and cooperative learning strategies.

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