Quarter Activity Timesheet Infographics - Traffic Lights Spreadsheet PPT Template
from deck Status Traffic Light RAG Table Graphics (PPT Template)

Slide contents:

The Quarter Activity Timesheet Infographics can be used for tracking the time of the various work done at your company on a quarterly view. This slide is a representation of a PowerPoint template timesheet that shows the different activities done on a weekly and monthly basis. This PPT Presentation represents a project activity Excel sheet. It is divided into 4 columns that represent the different activities and the three months. Under the activities column, you can write the different activities done at the company such as creative thinking, persuading, coming up with new ideas, product packaging, and call center. Each month is divided into 4 weeks where you can fill in the duration each activity takes. At the bottom of the slide, you can add graphics to illustrate visually the different project activities. You can add traffic lights next to each activity to demonstrate the status of each phase. The green color implies that the activity is completed. The amber color shows that employees are facing some issues when working on the task. The red color implies that there is a major problem that is hindering the completion of the task. This activity timesheet template comes in handy for its reliable and simple features. It helps you organize the slide creatively and professionally. You can ensure that every activity is on track and not going overtime. All the graphics are editable, and the slide can be downloaded also in Google Slides without any quality loss.

Slide Infographic Description:

White Background, Timesheet Table, RAG Traffic Lights, Text Box, Ribbon Icon, Creation Icon, Persuasion Icon, Explaining Icon, Idea Icon, Lightbulb Icon, Creative Thinking Icon, Head Icon, Chat Bubble Icon, Conversation Icon, Product Icon, Packaging Icon, Helpdesk Icon, Call Center Icon

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