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Q&A, Discussion Panel Section Template
from deck Meeting Outline Agenda & Sections Indicators (PPT Template)


Slide Content

This slide is titled "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SECTION", indicating a point in the presentation where the audience can engage with the presenter by asking questions or seeking clarifications. This section typically serves as an interactive element within a presentation, allowing for exchange of ideas, addressing any ambiguities, and ensuring that the participants have absorbed the material presented.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a duotone color scheme, with a dominating teal overlay on a photographic background.
  • At the center top, there is a circular icon featuring two overlapping speech bubbles, symbolizing communication and discussion.
  • The icon is encircled by an orange outline, matching with the orange horizontal line that underlines the slide's title.
  • The slide's title, "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SECTION", is in capitalized bold text, centered below the icon.
  • The background image is softened and blurry for text clarity, with a focus on an individual from the back raising their hand, presumably in a seminar or classroom setting.

The slide utilizes a minimalist design with a clear focus on signaling the time for interaction. The color contrast between the teal and orange also serves to guide the viewer's attention to the title and icon.

Use Cases

  • To transition into the Q&A portion at the end of a corporate presentation, allowing the audience to engage with the content.
  • During a seminar or workshop, signaling the participants that it's time for interaction and discussion.
  • In educational settings, to indicate the shift from lecture to student engagement by inviting questions.
  • At the conclusion of a product demonstration to address potential customers' inquiries and concerns.

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