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Raised crops

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Raised crops" presents four categories of agricultural crops with corresponding icons: Legumes/Pulses/Pea, Cotton, Fungi/Mushrooms, and Spices. Legumes include crops such as peas and beans which are important for their protein content. Cotton represents a significant segment of the textile industry. Fungi/Mushrooms are highlighted as a category of their own, likely due to their unique cultivation methods. Spices are various aromatic substances used for flavoring food, often derived from parts of plants such as seeds, fruits, or bark.

Graphical Look

  • Four stylized icons representing different agricultural crops, each with a label below it.
  • The upper portion of the slide shows the icons in full color against a white background.
  • Below, two halves show the icons in different color variations suitable for dark and natural backgrounds, emphasizing versatility in presentation design.
  • Gentle and appealing icons, using a combination of green tones for legumes, brown and green for cotton, varying shades of green for fungi, and multiple colors like green, brown, and red for spices.
  • Each icon set is accompanied by a text label clearly identifying the crop type.
  • The layout is grid-like, clean, with ample space between elements, contributing to an easy-to-follow visual hierarchy.

The overall look of the slide is modern and visually appealing with a focus on clarity and ease of understanding. The use of color is strategic, highlighting the icons effectively and allowing for adaptability to different background colors.

Use Cases

  • In an agricultural business presentation outlining the types of crops a company specializes in growing or trading.
  • During educational lectures or seminars that discuss various aspects of agriculture, botany, or food science.
  • As visual aids in marketing materials for companies that produce or sell agricultural products, such as seeds, farming equipment, or food items.
  • Within sustainability reports to describe crop diversity and farming practices by organizations involved in agriculture.

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