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Project timeline – Standard arrows

Slide Content

The slide is a visualization of a project timeline using standard arrows to represent ten different projects. Each project is listed on the left, from Project 1 to Project 10, indicating individual timelines across a period that spans from the fourth quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016. Two milestones are highlighted below the timeline. The standard arrows point to the different phases of the projects, allowing the viewer to easily grasp the duration and overlap of each project.

Graphical Look

  • Background: Gradient blue to white.
  • Title: Bold and centered at the top.
  • Timeline: Horizontal across the top with quarters labeled.
  • Project List: Vertically aligned on the left, labeled Project 1 to Project 10.
  • Arrows: Various lengths, representing project duration.
  • Milestone Markers: Two labeled circles on the timeline.
  • Gridlines: Dotted vertical lines to delineate quarters.
  • Text Boxes: Labels for the project names and milestones near the bottom.

The slide has a professional and clean layout, with a clear color-coded system to differentiate between different projects and milestones. The use of arrows and dotted gridlines makes it easy to track the progress of each project across the timeline.

Use Cases

  • Tracking the progress of multiple projects in a portfolio over time.
  • Presenting project schedules and dependencies to stakeholders.
  • Strategic planning sessions where visualization of timelines is crucial.
  • Updating team members during meetings about the status of ongoing projects.

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