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Project planning Symbols
from deck Sketchnoting Doodle Symbols (PPT icons and shapes)

Project planning symbols

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Project planning symbols" features graphical representations commonly used in project planning and management. The "Start" symbol suggests the initiation or launch of a project, while the "Stop" symbol clearly marks completion or termination. The set of uneven lines may represent a timeline or steps, and the clipboard icon signifies documentation or checklists. Footprints indicate progress or steps in a process, and the lightning bolt could symbolize a sudden action or urgency. Lastly, the cloud with two variants - one sunny, one overcast - perhaps denotes project outlook or status, with sunny representing favorable conditions and overcast hinting at challenges.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, light background with a title at the top in bold, purple lettering.
  • Two hexagonal shapes, resembling stop signs, contain the words "START" and "STOP" in stylized handwritten fonts.
  • Below these, a set of purple and a parallel set of black uneven horizontal lines are present, with an accompanying clipboard icon to the right.
  • On the lower left, a purple lightning bolt adds a dynamic visual element.
  • On the right, there are two sets of footprints, one in black and the other in two shades of blue.
  • Additionally, there‚Äôs a large blue circle on the right, filled with a white cloud pattern, with a smaller, identical icon next to it but filled in with a darker blue shade.

The slide possesses a playful and casual aesthetic with its use of colorful, sketch-like icons and symbols. It leans towards a hand-drawn look, giving it an informal yet engaging appearance.

Use Cases

  • To introduce project management phases or steps in a training or educational session.
  • For visually representing project milestones in team meetings or project status updates.
  • In brainstorming sessions to encourage discussion about project start, progress tracking, documentation, risks, and challenges.
  • To make project reports or proposals more visual and less text -heavy, aiding in clarity and engagement for stakeholders.

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