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Project Launch Stages Example – Stickman Poses:Preparation Ready, Set, Go, Run, Rest & Review
from deck People Activities and Body Poses Stick Figures (outline PPT icons)

Project Launch Stages Example – Stickman Poses

Slide Content

The slide illustrates the five stages of a project launch, each represented by a stickman pose and associated with a specific action: Stage 1 "READY" signifies preparation and research, Stage 2 "SET" representing the gathering of assets and assembling of the team, Stage 3 "GO" indicating the kick-off of the project or product launch, Stage 4 "RUN" is for observing the progress and adjusting the pace, and Stage 5 "REST" signifies the gathering of feedback and analyzing weak points.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light gray background with a large aqua-colored decorative banner on the top-left corner.
  • The title of the slide is prominently displayed in the upper center in dark blue text.
  • Below the title, there are five circles, each containing a stickman icon, connected by a dotted line, to represent the project stages.
  • Each circle has its own unique color: cyan for "READY" and "SET", orange for "GO", green for "RUN", and dark blue for "REST".
  • Below each stickman circle, there's a stage number (1 to 5) and a brief description of the stage in black text.
  • The stickman icons demonstrate dynamic poses that thematically correspond to the stage described.

The design of the slide is clean, with good use of color to differentiate stages. The line of stickman icons creates a clear visual flow that emulates the progression of a project.

Use Cases

  • To outline a project timeline during a project management meeting or workshop.
  • To convey the sequential phases of product development to stakeholders.
  • For educational purposes, explaining the project life cycle to students or new employees.
  • As a part of a pitch presentation to show potential investors the planned progression of a project initiative.

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