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Product Share & Market Value Table and Data Driven Bar Chart

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison of product shares and market values through a table and a bar chart. The left side features a table with two columns -- "% Share" showing the percentage share of each product and "Market Value" showing the specific market value in dollars. Product 1 leads with a 35% share and a market value of $100,000. Products 2, 3, and 4 follow with 23%, 15%, and 27%, respective shares; each has the same market value of $100,000.

Graphical Look

  • A boldly colored title is at the top of the slide in large font.
  • Two icons in blue map marker shapes are located towards the top corners, each enclosing a white illustration: a speedometer on the left and a hand with a wallet on the right, symbolizing performance and cost, respectively.
  • A horizontal line under the icons separates the title from the main content.
  • A simple two-column table is on the left side of the slide, displaying product share percentages and market values with a light gray background for the header row.
  • A data-driven bar chart to the right shows the percentage share of four products, labeled "Product 1" to "Product 4", with each bar of a different color (blue, green, purple, and orange).
  • Above each bar in the chart, the percentage value is prominently displayed.
  • Colors used include teal, blue, green, purple, orange, gray, and white.

The slide features a clean, modern design with a balanced mix of textual information in a table and a colorful bar chart displaying key data points.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sales figures and market performance for different products during a business meeting.
  • Comparing product performance to teammates or stakeholders in a visually engaging manner.
  • Using in a pitch to potential investors to showcase the success of various products in a portfolio.
  • Accompanying a report to higher management, with visual aids emphasizing market share and value for strategic decision-making.

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