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Comparison Table

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison table, directly comparing two sets of product features. Each side of the table has a banner with the word "Title" indicating that you can name each product or category being compared. Below the titles, there are alternating rows with ticks and crosses, symbolizing the presence or absence of specific features in a product. This setup allows the audience to easily discern the advantages or drawbacks of each product being evaluated.

Graphical Look

  • A two-column table with a light-grey background.
  • Both columns topped with a colored banner, one is blue and the other is orange, each containing the word "Title".
  • Five rows in each column represent product features; rows with alternating check marks (ticks) and crosses.
  • Check marks and crosses are inside circles; check marks are in blue or orange to match the respective column's title ribbon color, while the crosses are grey.
  • The bottom of each column features an icon encircled in a contrasting drop shape: blue for the left and orange for the right.
  • The left column's icon is a shield with a check mark, and the right column's is a square with a corner fold and a minus sign.

The slide uses a clean and minimalistic design with a clear contrasting color scheme to differentiate between two sets of items. The use of icons and checkmarks/crosses allows for quick visual interpretation of comparative information.

Use Cases

  • Comparing product features between two different products during a sales pitch.
  • Showcasing the pros and cons of adopting different strategies in a business plan presentation.
  • Analyzing competitor products against the company's product in a marketing meeting.
  • Demonstrating upgrade differences between two versions of a software or service in a product roadmap presentation.

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