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Production & research company merge template on the grey background
from deck Pipe Flow Chart Diagrams (PPT Template)

Example: Production & Research Company Merge / Joint Venture

Slide Content

The slide illustrates the concept of a company merger or joint venture, focusing on the union of two entities, Company A and Company B. Company A is described as the acquiring company, while Company B is the acquired company. It is explained that in the merger, the resulting entity retains the name of the acquiring company, in this case being Company A. The process is depicted through arrows flowing from the profiles of each company toward a center point labeled "MERGER," signifying the fusion of the two companies into a joint entity.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark background with a subtle overlay of structural imagery, implying a corporate or industrial setting.
  • Two rectangles with rounded corners, one on the left and another on the right, serve as content containers; the left with an orange border for Company A, and the right with a green border for Merge/Joint Venture.
  • Each content container has a title followed by a short descriptor of the respective company's role in the merger.
  • An icon symbolizing gears is placed inside a circle adjacent to Company A, indicating its industrial nature; likewise, an icon resembling a microscope is next to Company B, illustrating a research focus.
  • Between the company descriptions, there is a stylized flowchart with one white rounded rectangle with the word "MERGER" in bold, connected by two arrowed lines, one originating from each company container, indicating the direction of the merger.
  • Each arrowed line is colored (orange and blue) to match the corresponding company's theme.

The overall appearance of the slide is modern and clean, with a professional look suitable for a corporate audience. The icons and flowchart provide a graphical representation of the merger process that complements the textual information.

Use Cases

  • To explain the strategic partnership between two companies in a business meeting or investor presentation.
  • To visualize the merger process during a company town-hall or internal strategy session to inform employees of organizational changes.
  • To present the advantages of a merger or joint venture to stakeholders, highlighting the roles and outcomes for each participating company.
  • To illustrate case studies in academic lectures or workshops focused on business management and corporate restructuring.

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