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Five stages flight process with outline icons and text placeholder
from deck Plane Flight Timeline Diagrams (PPT Template)

Flight Process Metaphor Diagram Template - 5 Stages

Slide Content

The slide features a five-stage process metaphor for a flight, with each stage represented by a graphic and space for a description: Preparation phase (check-in), Takeoff Stage, Flight Stage, Landing Phase, and Closing phase (check in). Each stage has a placeholder for a brief description or commentary, suggesting that the slide is designed to illustrate the progress of a process through a flight journey analogy.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large, bold title at the top in dark blue.
  • There are five rectangular blocks, each representing a different stage of the flight process.
  • Each block has a small icon and a title:
  • Preparation phase features an icon of a stack of layers.
  • Takeoff Stage shows a stylized airplane taking off.
  • Flight Stage displays a leveled airplane icon.
  • Landing Phase includes an airplane descending icon.
  • Closing phase presents an icon resembling a checked checkbox.
  • Underneath each block is a space for additional text or stage description with a light blue placeholder area.
  • A horizontal blue arrow runs across the bottom, connecting the blocks and indicating a timeline or process flow.
  • Under the arrow, the text "Process timeline..." serves as a caption to the visual metaphor.
  • The design is clean with a white background and uses a complementary color scheme of blues and purples.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, with a consistent color scheme that aids in distinguishing the different stages of the metaphor. The use of icons and directional cues clearly denotes a progression from one stage to the next.

Use Cases

  • To showcase the steps of a project or initiative in business meetings.
  • To describe the customer journey in marketing presentations.
  • For training purposes, explaining a process or procedure step-by-step.
  • In a strategic planning session to discuss different phases of business development or product launch.

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