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Example of Problem solving meeting - title slide
from deck Problem-Solving Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Meeting Title

Slide Content

The slide appears to be a cover slide for a presentation about a meeting. The main title suggests that it is customizable for different meeting topics. Below the title, there's a placeholder for additional information about the meeting, such as the organizer and date, which conveys basic details about the meeting at a glance.

Graphical Look

  • The background of the slide shows a blurred photograph featuring individuals working with a laptop and writing notes.
  • Across the center of the slide is a large, bold, dark blue banner with the words "Meeting Title" in white, capitalized font for high contrast and visibility.
  • A smaller, slightly darker blue ribbon overlaps the bottom right of the larger banner, giving a sense of depth.
  • Below the banners is an icon of three figures, suggesting a meeting or a group of people, offering a visual representation of the meeting concept.
  • Text below the icon serves as a placeholder for meeting details, displayed in a white, sans-serif font that is easy to read against the darker background.
  • The overall layout is clean with the use of geometric shapes and lines directing the viewer's attention to the central title and supporting information.

The slide's design is professional with a modern aesthetic, using overlapping geometric shapes to create a sense of dimension. The choice of colors and bold typography ensures that the key information stands out.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the agenda at the start of a corporate meeting or conference.
  • As the initial slide in a webinar presentation to set the stage for the discussion.
  • For educational or training seminars to briefly introduce the session's topic and details.
  • In a team briefing to highlight the main subject matter and logistical information.

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