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Problem solving meeting - title example
from deck Problem-Solving Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Meeting Title

Slide Content

The slide seems designed for a professional setting to present the title or introduction for a meeting, indicating the basic information with a monochrome style. The main title "Meeting Title" suggests that this is a placeholder for the actual title of the meeting. The subtext "(monochrome version)" might imply that the visual style of the slide is deliberately simple or that there is an alternative version with more color. Below that, descriptive details like "Meeting organizer, date" would be customized with specific information about the meeting's facilitator and its scheduled date.

Graphical Look

  • A bold, capitalized font is used for the main title "Meeting Title," which spans across a blue ribbon banner with a shadow effect.
  • Below the main title ribbon, a smaller ribbon with a tapered end displays the subtext "(monochrome version)" in a smaller font.
  • A simple icon representing two figures with a shared dialogue bubble is centered below the ribbons suggesting a discussion or meeting context.
  • The text "Meeting organizer, date" is presented in a plain, sans-serif font beneath the icon which likely conveys who is organizing the meeting and the meeting date.
  • The ribbons and icon are placed against a light grey background that provides contrast for the blue color of the shapes and text.

The slide has a clean, professional look with a focus on minimalistic design, using ribbons and contrasting colors to organize information hierarchically. The use of monochromatic blue tones gives a cohesive visual experience.

Use Cases

  • At the start of a corporate meeting or workshop to introduce the session and provide essential details.
  • In business seminars or conferences to display the schedule and segment titles.
  • During webinars or virtual meetings as a cover slide to inform participants about the topic and organizer before beginning.
  • Within educational or training presentations as a title slide to clearly denote sections or modules.

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