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from deck Hand-drawn Presentation Timesaver (Scribble PPT Diagrams & Icons)


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed to showcase benefits, with each section prompting to "Write benefit". There are six segments, potentially for six different benefits, thus allowing a comprehensive overview of a product, service, or strategy. Each segment could explain how a feature translates to an advantage for the customer, enhances efficiency, contributes to cost savings, provides a unique selling proposition, impacts well-being positively, or supports sustainability goals.

Graphical Look

  • A large hexagon sits center-stage, with each of its six sides colored differently (orange, blue, green, grey, light blue, and yellow) and featuring a 3D effect.
  • Inside each hexagonal segment, there is a directional shadow giving depth and an arrow-pointing effect towards the center.
  • The word "BENEFITS", capitalized, is prominently positioned in the center of the hexagon against a dark background for contrast.
  • Each segment of the hexagon has placeholder text "Write benefit" in a lighter font, indicating where to insert specific benefit information.
  • Around the hexagon are six graphical icons, correlating with each segment of the hexagon; a light bulb, a brain, a world globe, a wind rose compass, a gear, and a rocket, potentially signifying different areas like ideas, intelligence, globalization, direction, mechanics, and acceleration or innovation.
  • The icons are colored to match the adjoining segments of the hexagon, creating a thematic and visual connection between the icon and the segment.

The overall look is modern, with a clean design that uses colors and icons efficiently to create a visually appealing and organized presentation of benefits. The 3D effect and shadows give the slide a dynamic and engaging appearance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the benefits of a business proposal to potential clients or investors.
  • Summarizing product features and their corresponding benefits in a marketing presentation.
  • Illustrating the results or advantages of implementing a new strategy during a company meeting .
  • Showcasing the differentiated benefits of a service in a competitive analysis or sales pitch.

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