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Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)
from deck Scrum Process and Artefacts Presentation Template (PPT icons)

Scrum Meetings – Backlog Grooming

Slide Content

The slide titled "Scrum Meetings – Backlog Grooming" presents two graphical elements, each labeled with a descriptor. The "Big icon" likely represents complex activities or elements involved in Backlog Grooming, an integral part of Scrum where team members prioritize tasks and break them into smaller, manageable parts. The "Thumbnail icon" might symbolize a more summarized or compact view of Backlog Grooming elements, possibly indicative of a simplified presentation or a quick reference.

Graphical Look

  • A large, central title in bold, blue font, clearly identifies the topic of the PowerPoint slide.
  • Two distinct icons are visually emphasized: on the left, a larger, more complex icon labeled "Big icon"; on the right, a smaller, simpler icon labeled "Thumbnail icon".
  • Both icons feature a sketch-like, hand-drawn aesthetic, employing blue and grey shades, which creates an informal yet professional atmosphere.
  • Each icon is placed on top of a light-grey banner that serves to label them, providing a distinct separation from the rest of the slide content.
  • The background of the slide is a light, neutral color, ensuring that the icons and accompanying text stand out for easy visibility.

The slide features a minimalist design with a clean and uncluttered layout, focusing viewers' attention on the icons and their descriptions. The hand-drawn style of the icons adds a unique and creative touch, making the slide visually interesting.

Use Cases

  • Introduction to the concepts of Backlog Grooming in Scrum training sessions or workshops.
  • Overview of meeting types in Scrum during an Agile project management presentation.
  • Visual aid for illustrating the difference between detailed and high-level views of tasks in project status meetings.
  • Supporting slide for discussions about optimizing product development processes in strategy meetings or sprint planning sessions.

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