OKR review meeting presentation template for three objectives
from deck OKR Objectives and Key Results Performance Review (PPT Template)

OKR Review Meeting Presentation Template for 3 Objectives

Slide Content:

The slide is structured to review three separate objectives in an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) meeting. Each objective has a dedicated section to specify the objective and list key results, with placeholders for specific measures and quantitative targets to be achieved by the end of a quarter. The slide also includes a status indicator symbolized by a battery icon for each objective, which allows presenters to visually represent the completion level of each objective.

Graphical Look:

  • Three vertical color blocks in blue, gold, and teal, each associated with an objective.
  • Icons at the top of each color block, with a diamond, an up-arrow on a graph, and a box, respectively, possibly representing different departments or types of objectives.
  • A battery icon at the bottom of each block as a status indicator.
  • Each block contains white text boxes for the objective and key results descriptions.
  • A grey background that spans the entire slide.

The slide has a clean, corporate design with a systematic layout. The use of color blocks and icons aids in differentiating between the objectives, and the battery icons provide an intuitive visual cue for the status of each goal.

Use Cases:

This slide would be appropriate in business presentations for OKR review meetings where the progress of specific departmental or project goals needs to be discussed. It is also useful for strategic planning sessions, quarterly reviews, and team meetings focused on goal achievement.

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