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Editable Plus and Minuses Comparison PowerPoint Template

Plus and minus slide is a completely editable PowerPoint templates to create attractive comparison PowerPoint presentations. This template is a quick and convenient way to show the plus and minus sides of your presentation with attractive slides, clear infographics, icons, and themes! Utilize this PowerPoint plus and minuses template to compare a product's positives and negatives, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a solution, or evaluate a strategy's ups and downs. Our work is design; we visualize with expertise, love, and care. If this diagram is not what you are looking for, you can find more templates available on our website. Head to our official website to search for more eye-catching templates, PowerPoint diagrams, icons, and presentations for Google Slides and Powerpoint. You can also reach out to our team from the link at the bottom if you have any questions about the process!

Slide Contents:

  • Slide design with an embedded background image of a notebook.
  • A plus and minus Venn diagram format with icons you can use in your various pros and cons slide templates.
  • Comparison table to help you list pros and cons.
  • Shield logos for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Lock logos for bottlenecks and solutions.
  • Graph logos for increases and decreases.
  • Battery logos for resources.
  • Paperplane logo.
  • Gavel logo.
  • Text boxes to differentiate your comparison topic.
  • Pros and cons slide with a vertical list design to explain your points.

With our editable set of vector shapes. You can:

  • Change the color themes and palettes, including icons.
  • Add shadows to shapes.
  • Customize shape and size; rotate, move, and flip the object.
  • Put shapes behind or on top of the text, and change the font size.

How to Download the Plus and Minus Comparison PowerPoint Template and Edit The Slide for a Presentation

After purchasing the Plus and Minus slides for PowerPoint, you will get immediate access to the customizable pros and cons template. You can download your plus and minus ppt template right after the purchase screen or download them whenever you need an infographic comparing the pros and cons by using your personal cloud. After downloading the PowerPoint presentation template, you can start creating your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, using Google Slides, or other presentation software. You can copy and paste the contents with shortcuts or drag the PowerPoint template. The slide is professionally designed and easy to customize. If you have creative ideas and want a unique look, play around with the slide and make the design your own with different touches!

How to Create Plus and Minus PowerPoint Slides

  • Copy the infoDiagram Plus and Minus Presentation Template and paste it into your presentation file.
  • Change the color scheme. (eg. change the plus and minus icons to green and red).
  • Change text. (eg. edit the pluses table).
  • Change the diagram. (eg. make them smaller/bigger).
  • List your pluses and minuses in the dedicated areas.

It's pretty straightforward to create pluses and minuses lists with PowerPoint and Google Slides. The challenge is to make your message clear with the key features to give a simple yet powerful presentation. Use this presentation design to list plus and minuses using PowerPoint and explain the pros and cons of a concept. Make sure you don't use too many words and try to make it simple to keep your audience engaged. Choosing the right presentation template is important to help you create eye-catching presentations that work great with your audience. With the plus and minus PowerPoint templates, it's not necessary to use a very long list of bullet points. Just pick your subject, do your research, be concise and create your presentation slides without cluttering the pages with too many words. You can deliver your information most accurately and engagingly by using various eye-catching slide templates and graphics instead.

More Ideas and Tips for Your Presentation:

If you also need general tips to be a successful presenter, you should be knowledgeable about your subject for a successful presentation. As long as you know your subject well, you can use more graphics and animations instead of long texts to remind you of the important points. Using a plus sign or an arrow to remember the advantages is a good example. You can make use of similar concepts with different subjects as well: Seeing the picture of a really hot desert or a high thermometer is a good reminder of rising heat levels when you are talking about Global warming. The benefits of using this method are: Making your slides easier to prepare and making it easier for your audience to follow them. Some presentations with sophisticated processes often include complicated subjects for you to talk about. Using the plus and minuses PPT Template means saving time for you and your audience. You should pick your templates carefully after doing your research. Your goal is to get the message across. Don't use too many words or visuals, find the perfect balance so you and your audience can focus on the subject. This means avoiding clashing colors, too large or small text, and cluttering the page with too many graphics.

You can use this template for a multitude of topics:

  • Show the plus and minus points of a new business.
  • Analyze the plus and minuses for better decision-making.
  • Visualize the plus and minuses of a particular scenario.
  • List the advantages versus disadvantages of an application.
  • Present the visual comparison of ups and downs for the recent quarters.
  • Make a plus and minus slide to compare two products.
  • Create separate slides for both the benefits and disadvantages of a subject.
  • Point out different options and create the best plus and minus PowerPoint presentation templates that suit your needs.
  • Utilize the pros and cons PowerPoint template to play the Devil's advocate: Entice your audience to interact with you.

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