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Raised crops

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Raised crops" outlines three types of agricultural produce: "Roots and tubers / Potato," "Sugar beet," and "Sugarcane." Each item is represented with an icon corresponding to the crop. "Roots and tubers / Potato" represent staple crops that grow underground, "Sugar beet" is a root vegetable commonly used for sugar production, and "Sugarcane" is a tall grass known for its sugar-rich stalks, a primary source of sugar and biofuel.

Graphical Look

  • Three icons, each depicting different crops, aligned horizontally across the slide.
  • Below each icon is the corresponding crop name: "Roots and tubers / Potato," "Sugar beet," "Sugarcane."
  • Each icon is within a rounded leaf-shaped background, creating a visual association with plants.
  • The icons and text are presented in a palette of muted green tones, suggesting an agricultural or natural theme.
  • Below the main content, labeled sections for "Dark backgrounds versions" and "Natural color versions" display the same icons adapted for different background colors.

The slide presents a clean and ecological aesthetic, with a color scheme and leaf-shaped graphics that associate it with natural and agricultural themes.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an overview of crop types in an agricultural business presentation.
  • Using it as part of an educational lecture about different types of crops in botany or sustainable farming practices.
  • Displaying crop categories during a seminar or workshop on agriculture-related topics, like crop rotation or biofuel production.
  • Including this slide in a report or proposal to investors or stakeholders within the agriculture industry to showcase crop diversification.

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