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School Calendars 2015 2016 graphics (PPT tables and icons, EU ISO dates)
from deck School Calendars 2015 2016 graphics (EU ISO dates, PPT tables and icons)

May, June

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents two monthly calendars for May 2016 and June 2016, intended to help viewers visualize the dates and plan accordingly. Each calendar is arranged in a typical grid format with rows representing weeks and columns representing days of the week, from Monday to Sunday. Specific dates are highlighted in color, which may indicate important events or milestones scheduled for those days. The slide serves as a straightforward visual tool for managing schedules or highlighting key dates during a two-month period.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional design with a predominantly white background and color highlights in blue and gray.
  • There are two main calendar blocks, one for May and one for June, each with a dark blue banner that includes the month and year in white text.
  • Each calendar features a grid layout with column headers for days of the week from Monday to Sunday.
  • Dates within the calendar are in simple black text, with some dates highlighted in blue, indicating significance.
  • Arrows point to the highlighted dates, with the arrowheads matching the blue of the date highlights.
  • The numbers for days are organized in rows that correspond to the weeks of the month.
  • The slide uses a mix of bold and regular font weights for emphasis and readability.

The overall look of the slide is minimalistic and business-like, with a clear focus on the presentation of the calendar dates. The use of color for highlighting and the clean, grid-based design make it easy for viewers to read and understand the calendars at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To highlight key dates and deadlines in a project timeline during a project planning meeting.
  • As an editorial calendar for content planning in marketing and communications departments.
  • For scheduling and outlining important events or milestones within a two-month period in a company-wide presentation.
  • As a visual aid for displaying availability or occupancy in industries such as hospitality or event planning.

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