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Financial Decks

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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a timeline or process flow with customizable elements for each year or step. Beginning with the year "2018" marked by a green hexagon, followed by "2019" indicated by an orange octagon, and moving on to "Jan" and "Feb" signified by a blue and purple plane shapes respectively, each part of the timeline has space for text descriptions to convey specific information or status about that point in time.

Graphical Look

  • The title is in a large, bold font at the top of the slide.
  • A dotted line serves as the timeline, connecting different shapes.
  • Four distinct icons—a green hexagon, an orange octagon, a blue cross, and a purple diamond shape—represent points on the timeline.
  • Each icon is associated with a text box for descriptions, aligned with respect to the icons' positions.
  • Text boxes on the left and right sides feature instructions for customization.
  • The color palette includes greens, blues, oranges, and purples for a visually harmonious look.
  • The slide's background is white, ensuring that the icons and text are prominent.

The slide exhibits a clean and professional design, with easily readable text and vibrant colors that highlight the key elements. Icons and shapes provide a visual guide for the timeline, aiding in the sequential representation of information.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate a company's historical milestones or significant achievements over time.
  • For project managers to outline the phases of a project with deadlines and deliverables.
  • In business strategy presentations to depict the roll-out of new initiatives, campaigns, or product launches.
  • To showcase the timeline of events in a graphical way during training or informational sessions.

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