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from deck PEST Analysis PESTEL Model Diagram (PPT chart icons)

Political, Economic, Social, Technological

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a "PEST" analysis framework, comprising "Political," "Economic," "Social," and "Technological" factors that help in understanding the market environment for strategic planning. "Political" refers to the influence of government policy and political stability. "Economic" pertains to economic conditions and trends like inflation or exchange rates. "Social" involves cultural norms, population growth, and demographics. "Technological" relates to technological advances and the pace of innovation affecting business operations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean and organized layout with a white background.
  • There are four distinct blocks, each representing a different aspect of the PEST analysis.
  • Each block has its own bold header in a colored rectangular shape: blue for "Political," green for "Economic," turquoise for "Social," and orange for "Technological."
  • Next to each heading, there is a hand-drawn style icon symbolizing the theme of the block: a classical building for "Political," a dollar bill for "Economic," a human figure for "Social," and gear wheels for "Technological."
  • Below each heading, there is space for text input, denoted by the placeholder "Your text here."
  • The design elements like icons and text boxes use drop shadows for a subtle 3D effect.

The overall look of the slide is modern and informal, with a touch of creativity from the sketch-style icons. The simplicity of the layout ensures the audience can easily grasp the PEST analysis framework.

Use Cases

  • In strategic business meetings to evaluate external factors influencing a business or project.
  • During the initial planning stage of a project or business plan to assess potential challenges and opportunities.
  • As a part of a larger market analysis presentation to shareholders, investors, or team members.
  • To facilitate discussion in workshops or educational settings on how external elements impact business environments.

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