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Finland Map with Places Pins - editable layout

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide presents a stylized map of Finland, marked with various location pins that can be customized with text. Each pin icon represents a specific type of location or point of interest, and they are placed in different parts of the Finnish map. Accompanied by editable text boxes, these pins serve to highlight specific areas for discussion or attention. The slide structure encourages viewers to associate the pins with local details or data.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing clean contrast for the content.
  • A large, blue-colored outline map of Finland occupies the central area of the slide.
  • Colored location pins with different icons are positioned on the map: a hand, a building, and a chat icon, among others.
  • Each pin is associated with a colored text box for customization, with the largest being a green box with the placeholder text "Your text."
  • A blue horizontal bar at the bottom of the slide contains the title "SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE LOCALIZATIONS."
  • Below the title bar is a larger text area where a detailed description can be added.

The slide boasts a clean and professional appearance, with good use of colors to draw attention to key elements. The combination of map, icons, and editable text areas forms an effective tool for visual communication.

Use Cases

  • Presenting geographic-based statistics or data points in a business meeting or report.
  • Highlighting company branch locations, customer distribution, or market regions in Finland.
  • Using during educational presentations to teach geographical locations or discuss regional case studies.
  • Customizing for tourism presentations to denote points of interest or travel routes within Finland.

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