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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "6 LEVEL FUNNEL" represents a project's breakdown into six stages, utilizing the funnel metaphor to structure the levels of progress or filtering of information/concepts. "Project 1" is signified as the starting point, with each subsequent level (Levels 1 to 6) indicating a more refined or advanced stage of the project or process. The description area on the right provides a placeholder for a comprehensive explanation of "Project description," detailed with generic filler text.

Graphical Look

  • A large, centered funnel graphic with six distinct colored segments, each labeled from "Project 1" down to "Level 6."
  • Bold, all-caps title "6 LEVEL FUNNEL" at the top of the slide, left-aligned above the funnel graphic.
  • Text box adjacent to the funnel on the right, titled "Project description" with placeholder text below it.
  • Horizontal lines separate the different levels within the funnel, assisting in distinguishing the stages.
  • Shades of blue, green, purple, and orange are used to colorize the levels in the funnel, creating a visual hierarchy.

The slide features a clean and professional design with a prominent funnel graphic that effectively communicates the concept of progression through levels. The use of different colors aids in distinguishing between the separate stages of the funnel.

Use Cases

  • Presenting sales or marketing conversion processes in a business presentation, where each level represents a stage in the customer journey.
  • Demonstrating project management stages from initiation to closure in project overview presentations.
  • Explaining the filtering process in decision-making or data analysis discussions.
  • Illustrating the stages of a product development lifecycle for both internal team briefings and external stakeholder updates.

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