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Pipe joint slide showing the 2 inputs/output process with description
from deck Pipe Flow Chart Diagrams (PPT Template)

Pipe Joint Diagram - 2 Inputs into Output

Slide Content

The slide presents a diagram that conceptualizes the process of two separate inputs combining into a single output. "Input 1" and "Input 2" each have a designated space for text descriptions and are coupled with an icon representative of the input type. The inputs are connected by lines to a pipe joint graphic, leading to an "Output" section on the right, which also includes space for text and bullet points. This illustrates how multiple elements or processes come together to yield a single result, a concept which can be applied in various fields such as engineering, business, or data processing.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional appearance with a white background and a color scheme of purple, blue, orange, and gray.
  • The title "Pipe Joint Diagram - 2 Inputs into Output" is prominently displayed at the top in teal-colored text.
  • Two columns are used to separate the input areas from the output area.
  • The left column includes two rectangular sections, each with a circle containing an icon relevant to the input: a handshake icon for "Input 1" and a play button icon for "Input 2".
  • Arrows colored in the respective section colors (purple for "Input 1" and blue for "Input 2") lead from these input icons to a central gray-colored pipe joint graphic.
  • On the right, the "Output" section is enclosed in an orange-colored rectangle with a circle at the top containing a line chart icon.
  • The output section provides space for text entry and two bullet points.
  • The slide uses a consistent, sans-serif font across all text.

The slide's visual composition is balanced and focused, with icons and colors effectively guiding the viewer's attention from inputs to output. The use of shapes and lines creates a clear narrative of convergence and process flow.

Use Cases

  • Illustrating how two departments or teams can collaborate to achieve a common business goal or output in a company presentation.
  • Explaining a technical process where two input materials or data streams are combined to create a new product or result in an engineering presentation.
  • Outlining a marketing strategy where two separate campaigns interlink to boost overall brand performance in a marketing report.
  • Mapping the integration of services in customer experience design, demonstrating how multiple service touchpoints lead to a unified customer journey.

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